When you come to a sailing course or a other sailing excursion, it is good to note the following information.

Registration period.
Registering for the courses according to the instructions, you can join the courses even at the last minute if there are free places on the course.

Course fee.
Course and sailing fees must be paid 7 days before the course to the agreed bank account or in cash during the course.

Cancellations must be notified no later than 14 days before the start of the course or other sailing.

Päijänne weather conditions.
Ice break-up in spring is scheduled for the beginning of May. However, in a couple of weeks, P채ij채nne will turn into summer. When we're outdoors, the sun can shine brightly or it can rain heavily - or something in between. The wind can be very weak or strong. If the sailing weather is very bad and dangerous (e.g. strong thunderstorms), the course date can be moved.

Sailing accessories.
Take one equipment bag with you to the course, which contains: Wind and rainproof outdoor clothing (e.g. gore-tex/ski suit), suitable light-soled sailing shoes(!!) e.g. indoor game slippers, sailing diving boots (the soles of which do not leave marks on the boat!!), woolen beanie, sunglasses, sunscreen etc. necessary. Check the weather forecast for sailing time!

Other equipment.
The sailing school offers food on weekends, coffee and tea during evening sailings. The food is traditional Finnish boat food!

Passport photo.
For the participants of the sailing and co-pilot course, bring a passport photo for the performance book, if you don't have a book before.

Boat equipment.
The boat has the following equipment for the course:
flotation vests for course participants
gas cooker set
The course boat has been inspected according to the yacht club classification, including all the necessary safety equipment.